The “Pork Explosion”, Traeger style

So for a going away surprise, a couple of us guys at work decided to make the famed Bacon Explosion, but with pulled pork inside rather than the bacon.  Jesse smoked up some pork tenderloin for 6 hours on his grill and brought it on over.

First the weave, about 1.5 pounds of bacon per explosion, coated in Jesse’s secret rub:


Next, 2 pounds of pork sausage is spread over the bacon and filled with the pulled pork, BBQ sauce, and more rub.  One explosion was made with breakfast sausage, the other with maple sausage.


The bacon is then wrapped around the roll of sausage:


They were placed on the grill, smoked for 5 hours at around 225 degree’s with maple pellets, the outcome?


These things were awesome, and a huge hit the next day at the office.  Some were scared to try it, but I think they were pleasantly surprised at the flavor and all around goodness of the explosion.


  1. Dani

    I admit…. Aside from the 5000 calories, the flavor was incredible! Fun pics too, what a step by step. Should be on CNN with the recipe!

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